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  1. Before being a game, ElyardMu is a community, and as such it has rules that everyone should respect. For each broken rule there will be the relative punishment, the Game Masters will therefore rely on this text to be able to manage the players in case of regulatory problems

  2. Each e-mail is linked to an account, it is not possible to have more than one account per e-mail

  3. The ownership of the accounts registered for the game belongs to ElyardMU which can exercise any right, including the permanent removal of a player

  4. Personal offenses of any kind, nor racial, sexual and religious discrimination are not tolerated. Punishment: ban from 5 to 30 days at the discretion of the Staff

  5. Advertising to other shards is not tolerated, whether through public post, private post, guild post and messages on any platform that ElyardMU makes available to users. Penalty: Permanent ban on all accounts

  6. It is not allowed to give your login details to other players. Any thefts will not be taken into consideration by the Staff

  7. It is possible, for each request for help, to open a support ticket in your game account. The Staff undertakes to respond to each ticket no later than 72 hours from the opening of the ticket. It is forbidden to open multiple tickets containing the same problem

  8. Kill and autoexp are allowed. On the other hand, persistence against a player is not allowed. The fury is triggered when a player suffers a minimum of 20 kills in one or more different maps in a relatively short time range. Penalty: ban from 5 to 10 days

  9. It is not allowed to close all the inputs of a map using the kill. Penalty: from 2 to 10 days of ban

  10. The server is equipped with several anti-hacks. If a user is automatically banned from the server for the use of hack / speedhack, the banned person will be responsible for proving that it is an error. The type of ban for these cases is permanent and extended to all accounts with the same ip

  11. The sale of accounts, items, and any property belonging to the game is strictly prohibited. In this case both the buyer and the seller will be permanently banned. The ban will be extended to all IP addresses connected to these accounts

  12. In the creation of the pg are not allowed special characters, in addition to the rules mentioned above, such as offensive nicknames. The penalty is the cancellation without notice of the game character

  13. During the development of a Quest the Game Master is not obliged to provide assistance to the players as he is busy. Anyone who abuses the patience of the Game Master, and therefore, in fact, in addition to disturbing the GM creates disturbances during the quest for other players, will be punished with a ban, at the discretion of the GM, which goes from one day to 3 days

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AmaterasuSoul Wizard1,300
UnReaLDragon Knight1,300
BangHeist Gun Crusher1,300
HOMELESSEmpire Lord1,300
GOKUHeist Gun Crusher1,300