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Inva from last maintenance:

-Ivasion of Golden Goblin start at 8:30 am, every 4 hours in Noria’s Map (Goblin Point)(30 goblin).

-Golden Invasion start at 08:30 am, every 4 hours.

-Red Dragon Invasion start at 09:00 am, every 4 hours, in noria (Drop Jewel).

-Skeleton King Invasion start at 10:00 am, every 4 hours, in lorencia

-White Wizard Invasion start at 10:00 am, then 15:00 pm and the last at 22:00 pm.

-Medusa Invasion start 9:00 am and the last at 21:00 pm.

-Pounch of Blessing Invasion start in Aida at 11.00 am, every 4 hours (drop ruud).

-Luna Rabbit Invasion start from Devias at 11:30 am every 4 hours (drop ruud).

-Fire Flame Ghost Invasion start in Raklion at 10.30 am every 4 hours (drop ruud).

-Blood every hour at minute 10 CC every hour at minute 40 Devil every hour at minute 50

-Per inva Undine at 9.45 every 3h in Nars (drop ele rune/mithril) (40 undine)

- Inva Snake: green yellow purple red (tarkan) (50 snakes) Green 8.05 ogni 24h (Ruud 100)(modificato) Yellow 14.05 ogni 24h (Ruud 150)(modificato) red 21.05 ogni 24h (ruud 250) purple 3.05 ogni 24h (ruud 200)

- Inva percore (Ferea) Green White Purple Red: 10.25 Green 2500 Ruud (1mob) 16.25 White 5000 Ruud (1mob) 22.25 Purple 7500 Ruud (1mob) 04.25 Red 10000 Ruud (1mob)

Where mob number is not specified the moster number is 20

- Elemental capsule has been fixed to drop erretel and other items

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Castle Siege

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6 days 16 hours

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AmaterasuSoul Wizard1,300
UnReaLDragon Knight1,300
BangHeist Gun Crusher1,300
HOMELESSEmpire Lord1,300
GOKUHeist Gun Crusher1,300