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All users are informed that the clearinv command currently produces a rather serious bug if used.  The Staff assumes no responsibility, from today, if the command is used causing even serious bugs such as the deletion of all items in the inventory, in the vault and in the set

All users are informed that the promotion launched a few weeks ago that granted an exp bonus of 20% will be canceled.  From 7 September the vip packages will be activated, which can be purchased in WCoin which will give you (depending on the package chosen) an exp bonus starting from 40% up to a maximum of 160% more exp, increase in the drop, increase in the percentages of chaos machine and many other news.  I would like to remind you that for a month now the ranking-list for the votes given to the server has been active, which, in addition to making you earn 25Wcoin per single vote (for a maximum of 4 votes per day), will allow you to buy in a few days. the bronze package for one month, completely free.  The pvp will be revised again, and the pve damage of all the characters.  We will probably lower the damage that the Gunner currently does, this to make the classes not all the same but not too different from each other.  I take this opportunity to wish everyone happy holidays.

In the next few days the server will be restarted for the installation of version 45,46 and 47 of the server.


In the next few days the server will be restarted for the installation of version 43 and 44 of the server.

News planned for the first week of September, meanwhile the ElyardMu staff wishes you happy holidays.

Soon the server will be restarted to install update 41 which fixes various bugs related to items (munn, etc.). Until September, restarts due to maintenance will not be pre-announced

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